Top 12 eMail Marketing Metrics

Although every product, company and mailing list is unique, here are a few interesting email metrics to help you benchmark your results.

1. Overall unique open rate has decreased to 11.6% over the past year [cold lists].
2. Open and click rates are the highest on Sundays for impulse buys and lead generation.
3. Subject lines of 35 characters or less tend to receive 52% higher open rates [cold list].
4. Personalised messages to a cold list can decrease opening rate from 11.6% – 6.7% [Test Nov 2011].
5. Personalised messages to people, who have already engaged with you get 7% higher opening rates  [MailerMailer report July 2011].
6. 75.8% of total opens are expected in first 24 hours.
7. 10% buy after first contact; 67% take up to a year [Sept 2011].
8. The right image increases click through rates by up to 120%. [Digitalmarketinglab Jan 2012].
9. Short emails get higher Cars. [Digitalmarketinglab Jan 2012].
10. 294 billion emails travel around the world daily. [Radicati Group Dec 2011]
11. 74.6% of adults prefer email marketing.**
12. 67% of organisations plan to increase their email marketing budget for 2012, at an incremental adspend of 30% more than in 2011.**

294 billion emails travel around the world daily. [Radicati Group Dec 2011].
Inbox clutter continues to drive down opening rates, a leading factor in failed email campaigns.**

ref **  MarketingSherpa 2012 eMail Marketing Benchmark Report. Sample 2735 email marketers.

Colleen Backstrom
Kaleidoscope Online Marketing –


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Kaleidoscope Advertising & emarketing specialises in full-service email marketing campaigns for clients. Using a scientific methodology based on eye-tracking studies we create sales for corporate clients.

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