The secret formula of subject lines.

by Colleen Backstrom
Kaleidoscope Online Marketing

A comment in an email marketing group on LinkedIn recently about the viewer “deleting any email that doesn’t grab his attention”, hits the button.

The fact is that inbox clutter continues to drive down opening rates, a leading factor in failed email campaigns. And the BIG fact is that nothing happens until the email gets opened. As the tolerance for inbox noise reaches breaking point, companies can improve their opening rates by using proven subject line templates.

I did some research on the best (tested and proven) email subject lines … and a few of the worst… for a paper that I delivered at the International Direct Mail Conference held in Johannesburg last month, The presentation was called  The Secret Formula of Subject lines.

Contact me at if you would like me to send you the presentation.

And if any of you out there have some more good ones that worked for you, let’s hear from you.

Colleen Backstrom. Digital marketing specialists.


About Kaleidsocope Advertising & Marketing
Kaleidoscope Advertising & emarketing specialises in full-service email marketing campaigns for clients. Using a scientific methodology based on eye-tracking studies we create sales for corporate clients.

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