Fix Your Sales Mojo: 5 Fast Tips

Your mom was right: You can’t change the world, but you can change yourself.

If you’re gotten stuck with some weak sales mojo, it might be time for some behavioral changes.  Here are five to get you started.

1. Ask better questions (and start with yourself). People who ask themselves “active” questions on a regular basis have reported more happiness, more meaning in their lives, and better relationships.  Here are the active questions you should be asking yourself regularly:

  • Did I do my best to increase my own happiness?
  • Did I do my best to find meaning?
  • Did I do my best to be engaged?

By stopping and thinking about these three things, they’ll become a more naturally important part of your life–and this will directly impact your mojo.

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What a 9-Year-Old Can Teach You About Selling

I recently read a study that confirmed my suspicion that most people don’t remember what we present to them in a sales call. The data suggested that the average buyer in a meeting will only remember one thing–one!–a week after your meeting.

Oh, and by the way: You don’t get to choose what that one thing is. Sigh.

So what have sales professionals done about this? They have worked on “honing the message,” developing a “compelling unique advantage” and, of course, the ultimate silver bullet: a surefire elevator pitch.

But here’s what you’re fighting: A world cluttered with information, schedules, packed with more meetings and work than a person can handle. A decision-making process with more people involved in every choice–many of whom know little about your product or service. No wonder so little is remembered; often your audience doesn’t even understand much about what you’re offering.

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The Importance of Social Media in your Business

Some interesting stats:

To reach 50 million users:
–          Radio took 38 years
–          TV took 13 years
–          Internet took 4 years
–          Facebook took 5 months

– Facebook averages 700 000 new members each day
– There are over 250 million blogs on the internet
– There are 250 million tweets per day
– 4 billion YouTube videos played per day
– One hour of video is uploaded every second

Information is being consumed very differently compared to 20 years ago. (Buying a car for example)

Social Media has shifted how businesses interact with their customers as well as each other. 90% or consumers trust peer recommendations opposed to 14% trusting advertisements which is why Social Media is so important for our business.

eMarketing is no longer about websites but about relationships.

Whose job is Social Media? … EVERYONE’S!
Social media is a ‘Hybrid’ of marketing, advertising, public relations, customer service, consumer insight, creative and more and therefore social media must be considered as an initiative for a business, rather than a linear marketing activity.

–          A quick and convenient platform for new company information.
–          Connecting with your customers/viewers on a personal level (we must write about things that our target audience can relate to)
–          Great for encouraging visitors to view your website and inbound links to boost your Google ratings.
–          Gets the interest of potential clients which discover your company online
–          Feedback is very fast and simple for the viewer.

FACEBOOK? Connecting people personally
–          850 million users (50% log on to Facebook everyday)
–          People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook
–          Average member has 130 friends (who see their info shared etc)
–          More than 30 billion pieces of content shared each month (web links, blog posts, notes, photo albums etc)
–          10 000 new websites integrate Facebook every day
–          More than 200 million active users on Facebook mobile

Facebook objectives:
–          Creating a community
–          Building brand awareness
–          Sharing company and industry news
–          Educating your audience
–          Increasing web traffic
–          Getting people to interact with you and your company

Facebook pay-per-click? (Targets a very specific audience i.e. age, gender, location, likes and interests, education and work, connections on Facebook etc)
Marketplace ads can cost as little as R5 per day.

–          Increasing likes on a company’s Facebook page
–          Increasing traffic to a company website
–          Building brand awareness
–          Selling products or generating leads

TWITTER? Micro-blogging (small bursts of information)
–          Over 200 million members
–          1.1 million South African members
–          Jan 2012 – 110 million tweets per day = 1200 tweets per second
–          Mar 2012 – 250 million tweets per day
–          460 000 new twitter accounts per day
–          Jan 2008: twitter employed 8 staff – Mar 2012: twitter employed 400 staff

What to do on twitter:
–          Share links relating to your industry (videos, free guides, whitepapers, webinars)
–          Comment on topics etc relating to your industry (engage)
–          Retweet valuable info and links
–          Share important event info (that you are attending)
–          Participate in chats #chat #marketing #emailmarketing etc etc
–          Ask questions

YOUTUBE? (It’s easier to watch than read)
–          Over 4 billion views a day
–          60 hours of video uploaded every minute
–          Over 3 billion hours of video watched on YouTube every month
–          On twitter, 700 YouTube videos are shared each minute
–          On Facebook, 500 years of video are watched each day
–          YouTube mobile gets over 100 million views a day

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video is worth!

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