How to market with minimum cash flow.

Minimum cash flow means you have no budget for marketing. No marketing equals no new clients. And minimum cash flow. And so you spiral downwards… So what can you do? How can you find new clients with minimum cash flow? The formula is so simple that you might not even give it credit. Use email, but use it like you’ve never used it before. Use a proven methodology that works for us, and works for our clients. Here it is: 
STEP 1. Select your perfect target base; use google and segment. STEP 2. Write the perfect subject line, using a template from The Secret  Formula of Subject Lines (see below). STEP 3. Write a simple, one-thought message of engagement using our  template for The Perfect eMail Structure (see below).STEP 4. Send your email to your target list. STEP 5. Repeat steps 2 – 4 every 2 weeks.


About Kaleidsocope Advertising & Marketing
Kaleidoscope Advertising & emarketing specialises in full-service email marketing campaigns for clients. Using a scientific methodology based on eye-tracking studies we create sales for corporate clients.

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