Midyear marketing budgets… the winners and the losers

Interesting to note that 92% of marketers are increasing their adspend in spite of business still being tough. Makes sense. Without visibility you have no business, no matter how good your product. Here are the winners and the losers in terms of budget allocation.

No 1. eMail subscriber engagement. Quick-fix email blasts are replaced by more measured nurturing approaches – The Brand as Thought Leader. 60% plan to increase emarketing spend.

No 2. eMail list segmentation. 44% of marketers plan to develop more targeted databases. 32% plan to offer more opt-in services. “What does my customer truly consider valuable? “

No 3. Social media budgets increase by 54%. Surprising that this is not higher, but then again not every product is a perfect fit for social media.

No 4. Mobile and search spend up 37%.

… and the losers? The only losers in the budget spend seems to be Direct Mail [down 28%] and Tradeshows and Event spending [down 23%].

*ref 2012 Marketing Trends Survey. strongmail.com. Survey did not include traditional media.


About Kaleidsocope Advertising & Marketing
Kaleidoscope Advertising & emarketing specialises in full-service email marketing campaigns for clients. Using a scientific methodology based on eye-tracking studies we create sales for corporate clients.

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